Arta Region is an administrative division in the east African country of Djibouti. The region is known for its diving destinations.

Arta Region is an administrative division of the Republic of Djibouti. Tourists visit Arta Region in Djibouti to partake in the many marine sporting pleasures of the region.

Arta region in Djibouti is a newly created administrative part of the country. The Arta region of Djibouti was created after the end of the Civil war in Djibouti. The Civil War lasted for four years. The conflict ended in 1994. Arta City is the capital of the Arta Region. The city is sparsely populated and has a total person count of fewer than 7,000 individuals. The Arta Region is located in the southeastern part of the African country.

The Arta region has found favor among adventure sports enthusiasts who visit the east African country of Djibouti. Marine animals like turtles, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, giant grouper, blue spotted rays, and other varieties of sharks are found in the coastal waters, off the Arta region in Djibouti. The Arta Region gained international fame as the venue for the Somalia National Peace Conference or SNPC in the year 2000. The conference was held with the stated aim of bringing peace to the neighboring war-ravaged African country of Somalia. This meeting culminated with the creation of the Transitional National Government of Somalia.

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