Burkina Faso History

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The nation Burkina Faso is situated at the western part of the continent of Africa. The country was formerly known as the Republic of Volta. Burkina Faso history dates back to the time when the hunters dominated the northwestern part of the country.
Burkina Faso history states that the country was inhabited by the Gurunsi, Bobo and the Lobi people. During the 14th century, Gurma and the Mossi people immigrated to Burkina Faso.

The history of Burkina Faso Africa was dominated by the Mossi people before the French people arrived at the country. The Mossi people had put up the Mossi kingdom at the basin of the Volta Rivers during the period of 1500.

The French people arrived at Burkina Faso during the period of 1896. At that time the empire of the Mossi died and resulted in the French domination in the country and the place of Ouagadougou became the capital. In the year of 1919, the colony of the Upper Volta was formed.

The French continued to rule the country of Burkina Faso indirectly through the authorities of Mossi until the country achieved the independence on 5th August in the year of 1960. The first president of the country was Maurice Yameogo.

The constitution of the country of Burkina Faso had been successful in establishing a strong presidential form of government. In the year of 1970 a novel constitution was accepted in a nationwide referendum. An amended constitution was framed on 2nd June in the year of 1991. It was mainly for the establishment of a semi presidential form of government. In the year of 2000 the constitution was amended again and the tenure of the president was reduced to five years from seven years.

Last Updated : July 23rd, 2018