Brazil Holidays 2015

Brazil, the South American country offers a large number of holidays to its residents. There are National Holidays, Local or Regional Holidays as well as other holidays that are dedicated to certain events and festivities.
The list of Brazil Holidays will also be of much help to a traveler sojourning to Brazil. List of National Holidays

  • 1st January- New Years Day (locally known as Confraternização Universal, Ano Novo)

  • Floating - Carnival Tuesday (starts before Ash Wednesday)

  • Floating - Ash Wednesday (locally known as Quarta-feira de Cinzas)

44 days before Good Friday and only the morning is regarded as a holiday.

  • Floating - Good Friday (locally known as Sexta-Feira da Paixão, Sexta-Feira Santa)

  • April 21 - Tiradentes

  • 1ST May - Labour Day (locally known as May Day Dia do Trabalho)

  • Floating - Corpus Christi (Days after Good Friday)

  • 7th September - Independence Day of Brazil (locally known as Dia da Independência)

  • 12th October- Our Lady of Aparecida Nossa Senhora de Aparecida.

  • This date is also observed as the Children Day (Dia das Crianças) on the same day.

    • 2nd November- All Souls Day (locally known as Dia de Finados)

    • 15th November- Proclamation of the Republic Day (locally known as Proclamação da República )

    • 25th December- Christmas Day Natal

    Other Holidays-

    • 12th June- Dia dos Namorados is observed as St. Valentine's Day in Brazil.

    • Every Second Sunday on May is celebrated as Dia das Mães that is the equivalent of Mother's Day in Brazil.

    • Every Second Sunday on August is observed as Dia dos Pais that is the equivalent of Father's Day in Brazil.

    • June 24 th - Festa de Sao Joao

    • 31 October- Dia das Bruxas (Halloween). Though it is not an official holiday but it is celebrated with a great pomp and zest in the big cities of Brazil.

    • 25th August - Dia do Soldado or Soldier's Day

    • 19 th April- Dia do Índio, this days is celebrated as Indian's Day (for the natives of Brazil)

    Local or Regional Holidays-

    • 20th January: Saint Sebastian (locally known as Sao Sebastiao), only observed in the City of Rio de Janeiro.

    • 25th January : Founding of Sao Paulo (locally known as Aniversario de Sao Paulo), only observed in the City of São Paulo.

    • 2nd February: Our Lady of Regla (locally known as Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes), observed in City of Salvador and Porto Alegre.

    • 23 rd April: Saint George (locally known as São Jorge), observed only in the City of Rio de Janeiro.

    List of National Holidays in Brazil 2015
    ThursdayJanuary 01New Years Day
    MondayFebruary 16Carnival
    TuesdayFebruary 17Carnival
    WednesdayFebruary 18Ash Wednesday
    FridayApril 03Good Friday
    TuesdayApril 21Tiradentes Day
    FridayMay 01Labour Day
    ThursdayJune 04Corpus Christi
    ThursdayJuly 09State Rebellion Day
    MondaySeptember 07Independence Day
    MondayOctober 12Lady of Aparecida
    WednesdayOctober 28Civil Servants Day
    SundayNovember 01All Saints Day
    MondayNovember 02All Souls Day
    SundayNovember 15Republic Day
    FridayNovember 20Zumbi dos Palmares
    FridayDecember 25Christmas Day