Belarus Attractions or Travel Destinations

Belarus is a country, which is situated at the eastern side of Europe. It is bordered by Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Poland. Belarus is a land locked country. Attractions at Belarus are many and exquisite. These motivate the tourists to visit the country again and again.
In the various cities of Belarus, there are many spots of tourist interest. The most frequently visited places of Belarus attractions are as follows:
  • Brest Fortress in Brest
  • Radzivills Residence at Nesvizh
  • Mir Castle
  • Victory Square at Minsk
  • Zhuravinka at Minsk
  • Minsk Sea
  • Max Show
  • Mount of Gloey
  • Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve
  • Minsk Motorcycle Factory
There are also many good hotels where the tourists can put up with while their stay in Belarus. Some of the popular hotels in Belarus are:
  • Hotel Yubileynaya<>
  • Hotel Orbita
  • Hotel Belarus
  • Best Eastern Hotel Minsk

There are many food shops and good restaurants in Belarus. The cuisine of Belarus is also delicious including the delicacies like Belarusian borshch, dracheny and many more to add up the list. The nightlife of Belarus is also very exciting and there are varied options open to enjoy the nightlife of Belarus. There are opera shows, ballet shows, circus, theatre, puppet theatre and others.

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Last Updated on: May 31, 2017