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Finland People, Culture, Festivals

The modern Finland people, culture, festivals are the result of intermixing of cultures from all parts of Europe including its two neighbors Sweden and Russia. The Finland people, culture,
festivals also incorporate its unique heritage. The Finnish language belongs to the unique Finno-Ugric language family. The Finland culture, people and festivals shows strong influence of the imported cultures brought into Finland by the Baltic, Finnic and Germanic immigrants throughout its history. The Finnish people, culture and festivals shows a strong streak of liberal thinking. The concept of universal equality is stressed in all aspects of life in the country of Finland. Work culture is extremely strong in Finland.

The festivals in Finland follow Protestant traditions. The religious activities are based on the western Christian calendar. Vestiges of ancient pagan traditions of Finland are seen in Christian festivals held in the country. The Finnish Christmas is different from the Christmas tradition followed in other European countries. The rich culture and high literacy rate of Finland has promoted the rapid development of contemporary popular music. The quality musical education of the country has produced a number of acclaimed music conductors and professional singers. Contemporary Finnish popular music has found wide acceptance outside Finland.

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