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Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana is an African country no adventure loving tourist can ignore! The Botswana travel guide contains an exhaustive guidance to the many wonders of this beautiful African state.

Any Botswana travel guide would not fail to mention the natural attractions of the country like the Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Chobe National Park is the transit point to see the famed Victoria Falls. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve has a large number of wild animals. Tourists on the popular trail set down by the travel guide to Botswana usually comes during the winter months in the African country.

Botswana travel involves catching a flight to the Botswana capital city of Gaborone. A significant number of flights arrive from Johannesburg in South Africa. Traveling within Botswana is easy and cheap. Roads throughout the landlocked African nation are very well connected as well as maintained. Visitors to the country would be pleasantly surprised to find the English language in wide use in Botswana. The currency of the country is Pula. Incidence of crime is low in Botswana. Some parts of the country are medically classified with high incidence of persons coming down with malaria. Visitors to those parts are advised to take sufficient heath precautions before traveling to the affected areas.

Maps for Tourists Visiting Botswana

Botswana Entry Requirements
Many tourists visit Botswana attracted by the golden sands of Kalahari Desert and the wildlife reserves strewn all over the country. To enter Botswana, one has to abide by Botswana entry requirements. According to the Botswana entry requirements, all nationals have to possess a passport valid for six months. This is not applicable to those, who possess United Nations Convention travel documents. Travelers are also required to possess visa.

Visa allows one to stay in the country for a maximum of ninety days. Visas can be obtained from embassies and high commissions of Botswana. In countries where Botswana embassy is not there, it can be obtained from British High Commission. Tourists who are willing to stay in Botswana for more than 90 days have to seek permission from the Chief Immigration Officer in Botswana. Nationals of the country, who do not require visas are:
  • British
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • USA

Botswana Francistown Vacation
Francistown is a beautiful city of Botswana. Botswana Francistown Vacation is appealing to people of all ages.

The vast expanse of the horizon and the scenic beauty of the place captivate the attention of the tourists coming from various corners of the world. The city of Francistown in Botswana consist of vibrantly colorful markets, sophisticated shopping malls, night clubs, extensive library, good restaurants, hotel with modern conference facilities, well maintained amusement parks and wide range of sports amenities. Apart from this, the Botswana Francistown Vacation offer huge varieties of geographical diversities that include delta, desert and rivers. Francistown vacation in Botswana offer calm and serene atmosphere to the tourists, which help the tourists to enjoy their vacation.

Botswana Gaborone Vacation
Botswana Gaborone Vacation offers the most interesting and exciting holidaying experience in Botswana.

Botswana Gaborone Vacation offers the most modern amenities to the tourists to enjoy during their stay. Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and is also the fastest growing city in Botswana. Gaborone is an ideal tourist destination because of its liveliness and natural splendor. The city is beautifully located in the flat valley region between Kgale and Oodi hills. Gaborone vacation in Botswana is highly appealing to the people as it is the administrative and commercial center of the country. Gaborone is strategically located close to the railway lines. Moreover, it is also located very close to the major water resource in the country.

Botswana Districts
These include the Central, Kgalagadi, Ghanzi, Kgatleng, Kweneng, North-West, North-East, Southern and South-East. Among all these, Central is the largest of the Botswana Districts. It is traditionally the homeland of the Bamangwato people and it is also politically the most active among the Districts of Botswana. The former President of Botswana, Sir Seretse Khama belonged to Central. Even the present President Festus Mongae and the Vice President Lt. Gen. Seretse lan Khama, belong to Central. The major tourist attractions at Central are the tributaries of the river Limpopo.

Ghanzi is the administrative capital among all other Botswana Districts. Among all the other Districts in Botswana, Ghanzi contains the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Kgalagadi is located in the southwestern regions of Botswana and it has Tshabong as its administrative center. The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is situated in Kgalagadi, which is a part of the Botswana Districts. Kgalagadi stretches on to a vast region of the Kalahari Desert.

Botswana Honeymoon
Botswana Honeymoon can be one of the most interesting and exciting events in the life of a newly-wed couple.

There are several magnificent locations in Botswana, where the newly weds can enhance the pleasure of their honeymoon. The country abounds in one of the most natural hideaways and couples can enjoy themselves amidst immense natural beauty and untamed nature. There are several hotels in Botswana that have specially designed rooms for honeymoon couples. Most of these hotels are located in the heart of the city and some are located amidst nature in natural wilderness. These have been designed with immaculate precision, so that the newly weds can enjoy their honeymoon away from the humdrum of city life.

Botswana Kasane Vacation
Botswana Kasane vacation is one of the most preferred vacation destinations in the African country of Botswana, to the tourists coming from various parts of the world. The city of Kasane in Botswana has got many attractive features to its credit. The calm and composed nature of the city is an added attraction to the tourists of Kasane in Botswana. The Kasane vacation in Botswana is ideal for holidaying with family and friends. The Kasane city is located at the juncture of the Zambezi and the Chobe rivers. Moreover, the city of Kasane is also used as the main entrance to the Chobe National Park.

Botswana Maun Vacation
Botswana Maun Vacation is absolutely ideal for spending relaxing and enjoyable holidays with family and friends.

The exotic location of this place attracts large number of tourists from distant parts of the world. The Botswana Maun vacation offers a hassle free ambiance to the visitors to make their stay much more enjoyable. Maun vacation in Botswana provides the tourists a different touch of pleasure amidst the beauty of nature and geographical diversification. The Maun Game Reserve is a beautiful amusement center, where the visitors can enjoy themselves completely. The town of Maun has a population of more than 30,000 people. However, with the development of the tourism industry, this place is gradually attracting more number of tourists.

Reaching Botswana
One of the recent achievements of Botswana is its newly developed transport system which has made reaching Botswana far easier. Due to the development of transport system there has been a marked impact on the economy of the country. Tourism has flourished as an industry. Botswana is now accessible via railways, air and roads. Reaching Botswana from neighboring countries as well as international destinations has become quite convenient.

Reaching Botswana by Air
The airlines service in Botswana has played a major role in the development of the country. The airlines connect different parts of the country to a number of international destinations, which in turn has encouraged foreign investments and tourism industry. There are around 86 airports connecting the place to a number of domestic as well as international destinations of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Harare and many others. Thus reaching Botswana by air has become very convenient these days.

Botswana Safari Tour Pack
Botswana Safari Tour Pack refers to the encounter with Africa's wildlife which is at its best in Botswana – completely untamed and pulsating with the best varieties of wild animals, birds and plantations, which are highly alive with expectancy. The safari lodges which are a significant part of the Botswana Safari Tour Pack are tents that are often made in the style of Meru or Hemingway. These safari tents are placed in the regions of various national parks and the in the regions of wilderness. Various facilities like local cuisines and service are provided alongside excellent accommodation facilities.

Things to Do in Botswana
Things to do in Botswana include the most popular activities of Bird watching, Walking Safaris, Mokoro Safaris and Fishing, apart from the conventional jeep safaris. Mokoro Safaris are most popular in the regions of the Okavango Delta, with the sight of a poled mokoro besides the reeds and water lilies of the Okavango region. This is perhaps the most famous and beautiful part in entire Botswana. Things to do in Botswana include performing a mokoro ride over the silent waters of Okavango. Earlier, these mokoros were made out of Jackal-berry and Sausage tree trunks. However now-a-days these are prepared from fiberglass in order to conserve ancient species of trees.

  Famous Attractions in Botswana  
Okavango DeltaNxai Pan National Park
Chobe National ParkWild at Tuli Safaris
Kgalagadi Transfrontier ParkMokolodi Game Reserve
Central Kalahari Game ReserveMoremi Game Reserve
Mokolodi Nature ReserveKhama Rhino Sanctuary
Tsodilo HillsKalahari Desert

  Largest Cities in Botswana  
Selibe PhikweTonota

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