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Odessa Map

Odessa is the fourth largest city in Ukraine. The city was founded as a Russian naval fortress in 1794. It was renamed Odessa in January 1795.
It derived its name from French, which means 'plenty of water'. It was the fourth city of Imperial Russia during the 19th century. It was the most important port of trade in the U.S.S.R. and was also a Soviet naval base during the Soviet period. Although the city's growth was hindered by the Crimean War, it recovered and enhanced its trade making itself Russia's largest grain-exporting port. It is also the administrative center of the Odessa Oblast Province.

Area & Location: Situated north of estuary of Dniester River and south of Kiev, Odessa is located at 46º28' Latitude North and 30º44' Longitude East. The city covers a total area of 163 sq. km and has a population of 1,012,500 with a density of 6,198 per sq. km.

Tourist Attractions: Being a place with much historical and cultural importance, tourists from all parts of the world visit the city.

Transportation: The city has an extensive railway system that connects it with other parts of the country. Odessa port helps in commercial trade. Odessa Airport is the main gateway to the city. Buses and taxis constitute the other forms of commutation in the city.

Hotels: Tourists from various parts of the world spend their nights in the Odessa star hotels on their visit to the city. The modern amenities provided by these hotels are really appreciable. Londonskaya Deluxe Rooms, Chernoye More Hotel, Mozart Hotel, Best Eastern Odessa Hotel, Magnolia, Uliss, Best Eastern Arcadia Plaza, Best Eastern Black Sea Hotel and Bristol Krasnaya Hotel are the famous hotels in the city.

Places of Attraction: The various therapeutic resorts in the city became popular with the tourists visit. The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases & Tissue Therapy is one such leading institute for eye care. The palaces of Tolstoy, Vorontsov, and Potocki families are the architectural landmarks of the city. The houses built of limestone and the catacombs, which are a network of underground burial galleries are the other places visited by the tourists when they reach the city. City Garden, Potemkin Steps-the main landmark of the city, the Odessa Port, The Cannon, Duke de Richelieu monument and the City Zoo are the charming sights in the city.

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