Best Places to Spend Christmas

Summer Christmas is a fine combination of sand, sun, and surf!

Christmas posters usually exhibit Santa Claus riding a reindeer-driven sledge upon shimmering white snow. This is because Christmas was initially popular in the countries that experience snowfall during December. However, due to the migration of people from these countries to places where there is no snowfall during December, the celebration of Christmas in warmer climes began in a different way. These destinations became popular as summer Christmas destinations, as there is a fine combination of sand, sun, and surf during Christmas.

Five Best Places to Spend Christmas in 2015 are:

  • Australia – Christmas in Australia is a time to eat cold Turkey, and hanging out with family and friends. Christmas in Australia is marked by beach parties.
  • New Zealand – Christmas in New Zealand is also called Kiwi Christmas. Most of the Kiwis are online shoppers, but during Christmas they prefer to visit the stores to buy presents. Christmas in New Zealand is incomplete without Christmas carols such as 'Sticky Beak Kiwi', 'A Kiwiana Christmas', and 'The Southern Cross Looks Down'.
  • Brazil – Papai Noel comes in a different style to distribute gifts during Christmas in Brazil. Yes! You must be surprised, but instead of Santa Calaus, Papai Noel is a popular figure in Brazil. People from all cultures take part in Christmas in Brazil.
  • South Africa – The christian communities in South Africa celebrate Christmas in South Africa with great pomp and show. Christmas pageants, dinner, carols, and decorations are some of the characteristics of Christmas in South Africa.
  • Peru – The traditional Christmas dance of "Los Negritos" or "Cofradia de los Negritos" is performed a few days before Christmas in Peru. Fruit cake and turkey are the key components in the Christmas in Peru.

These are best-value destinations. Enjoy Christmas 2015 in a different way! Drink chilled liquor and plunge in clear and cool waters of the southern seas. You may get a chance to swim with Santa. Watch Santa in summer clothes enjoying his beach Christmas holiday.

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Published On: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013