Christmas Celebration in South Africa

Christmas Celebration - Depiction of nativity with Christmas tree backdrop

The celebration of Christmas in South Africa is different from the rest of the world. In December, the summer brings bright sunshine to the beaches of South Africa. The summer season rings a bell for the Christmas celebrations. This is a holiday time in South Africa like most of the countries.

Around 350 million Christian communities inhabit South Africa. They celebrate Christmas with same excitement. The churches and cathedrals echo with melodious carols  and are beautifully decorated. Christmas presents for children are placed around the Christmas tree.

In the afternoon, people usually travel to the country side to enjoy swimming or visit their family or friends. They also decorate their homes with the branches of the pine trees and Christmas fir.

In the evening people visit the churches that are adorned with Christmas trees, decoration, and candles. Nativity plays are held and people sing hymns. After Christmas service, people generally prefer to dine with their family and friends. The dining tables are profusely laid with turkey, mince pies, vegetables, roast beef, and yellow rice with raisins. Finally, plum pudding is served as the dessert.

Places in South Africa which remain packed with Christmas crowds are Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban and Kruger. If you really intend not to miss the Christmas parties and new year celebrations, and do not mind spending an extra dollar make it a point to be in one of these bustling places. But if you really want to experience South Africa for what it is- a country blessed with wildlife and natural bounty, make a trip to Kwazulu Natal. Kwazulu Natal has everything- great beaches, Big 5 games reserves and imposing mountains.

An aside: If you are looking for Santa Claus in South Africa call out for Sinterklaas or Kersvader. They mean Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas.

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Published On: Saturday, December 14th, 2013