Christmas in Brazil

 Presépio with baby Jesus in the manger in silhouette, three kings and star of Bethlehem

Christmas in Brazil is celebrated with great pomp and fervor. Visit Brazil this Christmas for a wonderful experience to cherish lifelong. Though the majority of the population in Brazil comprises of Christians, even the Muslim and the Buddhist communities of the country celebrate Christmas in Brazil with equal zeal. Brazil is inhabited by various ethnic groups, thus, a variety of Christmas customs is seen in Brazil.

One of the traditions is to make Presépio or a nativity scene. The nativity scenes with baby Jesus sleeping on a bed of straw are seen in churches, stores, and homes.

Papai Noel or Father Noel distributes gifts in Brazil. A legend states that he hails from Greenland and when he reaches Brazil, he prefers to wear silk clothing because of the summer heat.

Christmas dinner in Brazil is a sumptuous affair as the dining table is full of fruit dishes, turkey, vegetable delicacies, colored rice, and ham.

Missa do Galo or the Midnight Mass is conducted on December 24th night and it gets over at 1:00 am. The following day, i.e., on the Christmas day, the masses are conducted in the late afternoon.

In Brazil the festivities of Christmas are extended till January 6th, which the Brazilians mark as the Three Kings Day (the day when three wise men visited Jesus and brought gifts for him).

Just like people in Mexico, the people of Northern Brazil perform an interpretation of the folk play Los Pastores or "The Shepherds." In their interpretation, instead of shepherds, there are shepherdesses and a gypsy who tries to kidnap the Christ Child.

Travelers visiting Brazil during the Christmas season can catch a slice of the vibrant activities that go on in this stunning tourist hub at this time of the year. During Christmas in Brazil, the air reverberates with traditional Christmas jingles like “Winter Wonderland” and “Jingle Bells”. This spectacular country glitters with bright lights and vibrant colors during Christmas.

Music choirs and live band performance are organized during Christmas in Brazil. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees adorn the length and breadth of the entire district. Craft fairs are also organized where you can find local goods, which can act as beautiful souvenir items. The special items sold during Brazilian Christmas include splendid wreaths made from exotic flowers, Santa dolls riding canoes, surfboards and dolphins, tapa cloth angels, and a comprehensive range of other local products. You will also find many good eateries and food joints at the craft fairs. These food-joints dish out a wide range of scrumptious and mouth-watering local cuisines that add flavour and spice to the joyful Christmas in Brazil.

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Published On: Thursday, December 12th, 2013