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Jersey Map

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The Bailiwick of Jersey is one of the Channel Islands, located off the western coast of France. Jersey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, but is not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union, though it does have a relationship with both. The United Kingdom is responsible for Jersey's defense, and Jersey has trade relations with the European Community.

The island of Jersey has an area of 119.49 square kilometers (46.13 square miles), and is situated 22 kilometers (14 miles) west of Normandy, France. Jersey is part of the Channel Islands, which are named for their location in the English Channel. The capital and most populous city of Jersey is Saint Helier.

Jersey has a population of Jersey is about 97,857, of which about 34% live in the capital. The population is made up of about half Islanders, meaning Jersey-born, around 31% come from the rest of the British Isles, 7% from Portugal or its island of Madeira, 8% from around Europe, and 4% various from other places.

The predominant religion in Jersey is Church of England, though other Christian denominations including Methodism and Roman Catholicism are also practiced.

The indigenous language of Jersey is called Jerriais, a Norman language that was used on the island until the 19th century, when English took over. French had also been used for official purposes, and both English and French have official language status, while Jerrais is a recognized regional language, and is experiencing a renewal of teachings in school.

Last Updated On : August 19, 2013

Flag of Jersey
Jersey has its official flag which was adopted on 12 th June in the year 1979. This national flag of Jersey has been in use since 1st of April 1981.
Lat Long49.22 N, 2.14 W
CapitalSaint Helier
Total Area118.2 sq km
National Day Independence Day, 11 July (1921)
CurrencyPound sterling
Major LanguagesEnglish, French
Internet TLD .je
Calling code +44

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