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Flag of Guyana

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The national flag of Guyana was designed by a prominent American vexillologist Whitney Smith. Because the flag has a yellow and a red arrow on its green base, the flag of Guyana is also called 'The Golden Arrowhead'.

The yellow arrow is bordered with a thin white strip and the red one is enclosed by a black line. The green color on the national flag of Guyana signifies the forest and foliage of this African country.

The yellow color depicts the extraordinary mineral resource of the state and the bright future which it aspires while red symbolizes the zest and vitality of the people of Guyana. The white color on the flag of Guyana depicts the rivers and black signifies endurance.

Official name: The Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Proportion: 3:5
Adopted on: May 26, 1966
Designed by: Whitney Smith
Location of the country: Northern Coast of South America
Capital City: Georgetown
Major Cities: Corriverton, New Amsterdam, Anna Regina, Linden
Area: 83,000 square miles
Population: 752,940
Currency: Guyanese dollar (GYD)
Official Language: English
National Anthem: Dear Land of Guyana of Rivers and Plains

National symbol(s):Canje pheasant (hoatzin), jaguar, Victoria Regia water lily

National colors: red, yellow, green, black, white

National anthem:
name: "Dear Land of Guyana, of Rivers and Plains"
lyrics/music: Archibald Leonard LUKERL/Robert Cyril Gladstone POTTER

Fact about Guyana flag

Designed byWhitney Smith
Adopted26. May 1966
Design and ColorsA black-edged red triangle over a larger white-edged gold triangle, both based on the hoist and pointing toward the fly, on a green field.
Size Ratio3:5

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