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Full name: Republic of Lithuania
Capital City: Vilnius
Language: Lithuanian and Latvian
Currency: Litas
Religion: Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, evangelical Christian Baptist, Russian Orthodox, Judaism, Islam
National Anthem: Tautiska Giesme
Newspaper: Baltic Times, Baltische Rundschau, Kauno Diena, Lietuvos Aidas, Lietuvos Rytas, Lietuvos Zinios, Litovskiy Kurier, Nasz Czas, Valstieciu Laikrastis, Verslo Zinios
Places to Visit: Curonian Spit, Vilnius, Hill of Crosses, National Museum, Trakai Island Castle & History Museum and much more.
Transport: Airways: frequent flights between European capitals. Roadways: buses are there and this is cheap also. Railways: there are trains plying frequently between different locations too.
Shopping: Different types local handicrafts and cottage industries.

The historical significance of the country Lithuania lies in its prehistoric buildings. These decorative old buildings are maintained very carefully. You can wander through the various attractive places such as Jewish Memorials, European Park, Gediminas Castle and various other tourist locations.

Lithuania Map
Physical Map of
Lithuania :

The moraines create the highest area of Lithuania. These are all about 300 meters high. Among these the highest altitude is about 294 meters. This tallest hill is named as Aukstojas Hill. At the opening of the narrow lagoon of Curonian, is located the port of Kalipeda, whose specialty lies not just in the fact that it is Lithuania's largest, but also that it is a warm-water port. To talk about the water bodies in Lithuania, the river Neman is the largest. Through this river, most international exports via sea take place.

Lithuania Location Map
Location Of Lithuania :
Lithuania is a northern European country. It also claims to be the major among the trio of Baltic States.

Beside the Baltic Sea these states are situated. The neighboring countries are Latvia (in the north), Belarus (in the southeast), Poland and a part of Russia (in the southwest).

Climate Of Lithuania :
The climate of Lithuania is transitional. It means that the climate is a midway between West European maritime and East European continental climates. The winter is wet. During the months of May to September the climate remains very pleasant and tourists usually prefer to visit this country in this time. If you want to visit during the cold weather, January and February are the best season for you. It is the coolest season in Lithuania.

Lithuania Flag
Flag Of Lithuania :
The flag of Lithuania bears three colors in it. These are yellow in the top, green in the middle and red in the bottom. All these three colors form three horizontal bands of same size. Colors of a flag are not only for its beauty but they also symbolize some meanings. In the flag of Lithuania, the three colors signify three different symbols. The color yellow symbolizes fertility of the country. Green signifies the vigor of Lithuania and also the nature's bounty. Red, on the other hand is a colors that symbolizes life and bloodshed at the same time.

Flora And Fauna Of Lithuania :
Flora : Lithuania has a large variety of vegetation that flourishes through the entire land. There are several species to be found scattered. This large variety of vegetations includes such species as broad-leafed trees, dense woodlands, coniferous and evergreen trees, steppes, arctic and so on. So you see that the flora in the land of Lithuania is not just plenty but also diverse.

Fauna : In the lakes and other water bodies of Lithuania you will also get some categories of bream, ruff, roach, perch and many other species. Among the other animals red dear, elk, rabbits, foxes, wolf, different varieties of dogs and bird are also found in Lithuania.

People Of Lithuania :
The net population of Lithuania is almost 3,425,324. 83.5% of this population is ruled by the tribal Lithuanians. Some other minorities are also there such as Poles, Belarusians and Russians. In the southeast Lithuania the poles can be found. Despite being small in number, they are the largest tribe among the minorities in Lithuania.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Lithuania
Art : The country of Lithuania has produced a brilliant artist in the form of Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis. He is probably Lithuania's most famous name in the field of painting. Apart from this Lithuania also specializes in various other forms of art like sculpture.

Culture : Since Lithuania is home to various people from different casts and tribes and ethnicities, the culture reflects this commingling.

Music : According to the history folk, popular and classical are the three forms of music in Lithuania. The folk song or the dainos include different types such as wedding songs, romantic songs and some work songs as well. The archaic war songs are also there. The folk music of Lithuania is primarily based on polyphonic music that is played on flutes, zithers (kankles) and other instruments. Rateliai is another form of Lithuanian folk music.

It is a kind of ring dance. A traditional instrument kankles is used in this music. Kankles is a special zither that is played with some other instruments such as waltzes, sutartines, quadrilles, polkas, fiddles and rateliai.

Economy Of Lithuania :
Lithuania is a member of the World Trade Organization and also of the European Union. This membership has earned it fruitful results such as flourishing economy and boosted the tourism sector. Outsourcing into the country has also increased for this. In this country most of the people are employed. The major natural resources of Lithuania are arable land, amber and peat.