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Regions of Chad

Regions in Chad were primarily known as "prefectures" after Chad received its independence from the rule of the French colonizers. But in the recent times the country of Chad has been separated into 18 regions.
These regions in Chad are further divided into different departments or sections under, which the capital of Chad known as N'Djamena is an important region.

Derivation of the Names of the Prefectures from Rivers
Some of the prefectures are named after the various rivers flowing across the land of Chad. Mayo-Kebi region was named after the river Mayo-Kebi. The name Chari-Baguirmi division came from the river Chari. The names of the tributaries of Chari were kept for the district of Logone Oriental and Logone Occidental. The department of Salamat was also named after the tributary of Bahr Salamat that flowed into the Chad Lake.

The Various Chad Regions
The respective 18 regions of Chad are as follows:
  • Batha
  • Chari-Baguirmi
  • Borkou-Ennedi Tibesti
  • Hadjer Lamis
  • Guera
  • Kanem
  • Lac
  • Logone Oriental
  • Mayo-Kebbi Est
  • Mayo-Kebi Quest
  • Salamat
  • Tandjile
  • Quaddai
  • Wadi Fira
  • N'Djamena
  • Moyen-Chari
  • Logone Occidental
  • Mandoul
The region of N'Djamena is ruled under a separate law, which is written down in the constitution, in the year 1996. The region of N'Djamena is further divided into 47 sections.