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Banks in Chad

Chad Banks are scattered all around the country and provides with systematic and efficient banking services. There are a number of commercial and nationalized banks in Chad.

The Central Bank of Chad
The Central bank of Chad is Banque des Etats de'l Afrique Centrale (BEAC). Chad has been the member of BEAC from the days of its independence. BEAC has been the central bank of not only Chad, but of all the Central African Countries such as Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Central African Republic. But it should be noted here that owing to the large scale fighting in N'Djamena, all the banks, including the central bank, closed in 1980. BEAC again opened in 1981. Along with BEAC, the other important banks of Chad, such as BIAT, Development Bank of Chad and Banque Tchadienne de Credits et de Depot (BTCD).

Other Important Banks of Chad
By the year 1999, other than the above mentioned banks, few other banks cropped up in Chad. The banks include Banque Commercial du Chari Banque de Developpement Tchadienne, Banque Meridien BIAO Tchad, Banque Agricole du Soudan au Tchad and Financial Bank Tchad. Two of the most important banks in Chad, BTCD and BDT were privatized in 1999.

Thus, it can be concluded that, Chad Banks have proliferated over the last few years and are still developing.