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Arts and Entertainment in Chad

Chad-arts and entertainment includes important contribution from the electronic media and theatrical performances. Chad-arts and entertainment is a broad sphere, which has been highly commercialized in the recent times.
Arts and entertainment in Chad plays a pivotal role in bringing about a positive change in the society of Chad.

Entertainment Provided through Television and Radio
The television channels, which provide authentic news, regional Chadian serials and programs, are a vital source of entertainment. Even the radio stations broadcast a wide variety of news and interesting chat-shows that not only entertain the general public but also makes them aware of the current political, social and economic scenario of their country.

Entertainment Provided through Music and other Performing Arts
The culture of rap and pop music is very much prevalent in Chad. Even the tribal cultural dancing is commonly seen in the rural areas of Chad. There are many local Chadian festivals and occasions, which are an integral part of arts and entertainment of Chad. Some popular artistic personalities also carry out workshops and classes in order to spread the various kinds of art forms such as painting, dancing, singing and acting. There are some well-known theaters in Chad where performing arts such as acting, mono-acting and mimicry are conducted. There are many cinema- halls where regional as well as English movies are shown to the Chadian audience.

Entertainment provided through Restaurants and Eateries
Due to the presence of restaurants and hotels in Chad people have the choice of experimenting with a wide variety of cuisines especially Chinese, continental and Thai cuisines other than the typical Chad cuisine. These restaurants offer a good ambiance along with superb food.

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