Bulgaria Population

Bulgaria Population chiefly comprises of the ethnic groups from Bulgaria along with the mix of Turkish minority group. Islam is the second largest religion followed by the Roman Catholics and Protestants. Population in Bulgaria in 2002 was estimated to be around 7,621,337 people. The Birth rate is 8.05 births /1000 population whereas the death rate is 14.42 deaths/1000 population. Due to increase in death rate the Bulgaria population has declined to 0.5 per cent in the recent years.

Statistics of Bulgaria population are mentioned below:
  • The average age in 2005 was 41.2 years, whereas the average lifespan was 72.55 years in 2003-2005.
  • The year 2005 witnessed 71,640 births.
  • Death in 2005 is calculated to be 113,374.

  • The number of weddings was 33,501 in 2005 whereas the number of Divorces were 14,676 in 2005.
  • The age structure shows that 0-14 years formed 14.6% of the population whereas 15-64 years formed about 68.5% of the population. The age group of 65 years form 16.9 % of the population. The history of the people of Bulgaria dates back to thousand year and presently majority of Bulgarians have migrated to the adjoining countries and they constitute about 3 million people.

The Bulgarians can be instantly noticed due to the presence of large ethnic groups. Majority of them are Christians and Muslims are also there followed by Turks. The ethnic groups of Bulgarians also vary in as per the regions and they also have different dialects. The people of Bulgaria are very traditional and culture forms the very core of Bulgaria- Land and People.

Last Updated : July 23rd, 2018