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Bulagria Weather

Bulgaria climate is determined by the geographical location of the country and its topographical features of the country. An overview of the country's climate indicates that the climate in Bulgaria is pleasant and temperate.
But Bulgaria climate contains shades of variations spread over the different regions. Bulgaria weather, at times, can be extremely cold during the winter or sultry and hot during the summer.

Mountains make up the major portion of Bulgaria. Lowlands also feature in the country's topography. The climate of Bulgaria varies in the mountainous, in the lowlands and the coasts. In the lowlands the Bulgarian climate is characterized by warm summers and moderately cold winters. Rainfall, in this region is not heavy and is well-distributed round the year.

The coastal region of Bulgaria experiences warmer winters compared to the lowlands. The north east winds can lower the temperature drastically. During these cold spells the rivers get frozen. During the summers there may be very hot days. The settled climate in Bulgaria at the coasts during the summer may be punctuated by thunderstorms. At higher altitudes the climate is characterized by colder winters and pleasant summers.

Bulgaria climate allows a number of winter sports and attracts a large crowd of tourists especially during the winters.


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