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Antigua and Barbuda Weather

The weather of Antigua is typically a tropical one as it is located very close to the equator. The close proximity to the sea influences Antigua weather and climate.
The beautiful sea and bright sand all along the year draws tourists from around the world. The country of Antigua and Barbuda is comparatively low-lying, the highest point being the Boggy Peak which is only 402 meters high. Thus the weather of Antigua is not even influenced by the diversity of terrains.

The country of Antigua and Barbuda suffers from acute scarcity of fresh water. The other Caribbean islands are not as dry as this island. This is the reason why the island suffers from frequent droughts. The weather of Antigua and Barbuda has low humidity than other tropical areas. The sea breezes and trade winds on the island sooth the souls of the residents and the visitors.

Specifications of Antigua and Barbuda weather:
  • Average rainfall (annual)- 1,000mm or 39 inches
  • Average temperature range (annual)- 21 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius
  • Summer Season- May to November
  • Night temperature during the night- 16 degree Celsius to 18 degree Celsius.

    One thing which is an integral part of the climate of Antigua and Barbuda is the hurricanes which frequent the island. June to September is considered to be the peak hurricane season. The English Harbor is called the 'hurricane hole' for its natural immunity from the devastation of the hurricanes. Whatever the season may be, the weather of Antigua and Barbuda is always perfect for a pleasant vacation.