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Antigua and Barbuda Attractions

Antigua is the most accepted and most developed of the Leeward Islands. The primary attractions of Antigua are its beaches. There are 365 beaches on Antigua.
The great majority of these beaches rest inside the tranquil, confined waters of the island's Caribbean side. All of these beaches are open to the public. Along with its variety of beaches, there are reefs and wrecks for diving and sailing activities at English Harbor- Antigua. Apart from these attractions in Antigua there are many other places of tourist attraction, where you should visit in your travel trip to Antigua. Few attractions of Antigua are mentioned below:

  • Shirley Heights, Nelson's Dockyard National Park
  • Betty's Hope, St. John's
  • Redcliffe Quay, St. John's
  • Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John's
  • Hell's Gate, Antigua.

Few of these Antigua attractions are discussed below:
Shirley Heights:
Here you can find the ruins of a fort called Fort Shirley. You can see the remnants of the fort's barracks and officers' quarters.

Betty's Hope:
Betty's Hope is located in the limestone district of Antigua's quiet rural area. Betty's Hope was an agricultural as well as an industrial venture, and home to a large number of people. Betty's Hope was the first large sugar plantation on the island. Here in Antigua a tourist center has been created by changing a former cotton house storeroom into a museum. The storeroom has been converted into a museum exhibiting features of the plantation's history with maps, estate plans and artifacts.

The beautiful island nation of Antigua is full of attractions and tourist spots waiting to be explored by travelers and tourists.