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Taiz City Map

  Facts about Taiz  
Time Zone UTC+3
Language Arabic
Major Religion Islam and Christians
Founded 8BC
Area100 km2
Lat Long Coordinates  
Points of interestThe National Museum
 Castle Al-Qahira
 Al-Ashrafiya mosque
 Saber mountain (also known as Al Aruss mountain
 Bab al-Kabir

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Taiz is one of the principal cities of Yemen, which is located on the southwestern highlands at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. The city of Taiz lies very close to the famous Mocha town and is located at
the foothill of Saber Mountain, which lies 3015 meters above the sea level.

The history of the Taiz city dates back to the 6th century of Hijrah, or 12th AD when its name first appeared after Turan Shah arrived in Yemen in 1173 AD. The city of Taiz was fortified by Taktakeen, who was the brother of Turan Shah and Salahdeen. Almaddhafar, the second Rasulid King made Taiz the second capital of the Rasulid Dynasty.

Until the year 1948, Taiz remained as a walled city and only at the initiation of Imam Ahmed the city was made the second capital of Yemen and its boundaries were extended. At present, the city of Taiz has emerged as the major leading industrial town of Yemen, as a result of the massive investment by the Hayel Saeed Group in this city.

The city of Taiz is served by the Taiz International Airport and has excellent road connections with all the major towns of Yemen. Taiz has many renowned mosques, famous buildings and interesting tourist spots which makes it a popular tourist attraction.