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Yemen Travel Guide

Yemen is located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and bordered by Saudi Arabia. Yemen has been a coveted region and a land o much natural beauty since the times of Noah and Gilgamesh and Sheba. The Red Sea and the Arabian Sea coasts and the central mountains are the most beautiful landscapes of the country.

Its proximity to Africa and Asia gives Yemen a rich and diverse culture. The conflict ridden history of the land has, however, discouraged tourists from discovering the breathtaking beauty and the rich heritage of the land. Yemen seems to waking up to the world in recent years.

Traditionally an Islamic nation Yemen boasts of a history that dates back to ancient times when the successors of Noah made the region their home and called it a land of milk and honey. The country finds reference in the Bible on numerous occasions. The three wise men, the Magi, are believed to have came to the mountains of Yemen to collect frankincense and myrrh; King Gilgamesh’s quest for the secret of eternal life is believed to have ended here; Queen Sheba called Yemen her home and the queen was acknowledged as a wise monarch by King Solomon.

The major cities of tourist interest in Yemen include Sanaa, the nation’s capital, Al Mukalla, Dhamar, Kawkaban, and Mokha. Mokha is a city in the country known as the birthplace of mocha coffee. The beautiful beaches of Al Hudayda leave the tourist enchanted with its sheer beauty. Besides these places, the most exotic destinations in Yemen include Shibam, Seiyun, and Tarim, the three famous historical towns of Hadhramaut.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning a vacation in Yemen. Cameras are prohibited in many parts of the country. It is considered highly offensive to click pictures of a woman even if the photographer is a female. Courtesy and conservative clothes are appreciated. The harsh weather conditions of the country need to be taken into consideration while planning a trip.

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