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Sa Dah City Map

  Facts about Sa'dah  
Time Zone UTC+3
Language Arabic
Major Religion Islam and Christians
Founded 8BC
Area124 km2
Lat Long Coordinates 16°59′9″N43°45′52″E
Points of interestMa'in in Al Jawf
 Sa'dah's Al-Hadi Mosque

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Sa'dah or Saada city is the capital city of Sa'dah Governorate, which is located on the northwestern part of Yemen, in the mountainous Yemen Highlands. There are proofs that Sa'dah city existed even before
the birth of Jesus and the city was taken over by Imam Ahmed Bin Salman. The city of Sa'dah is believed to be established by Imam Alhadi Bin Alhasan Bin Alkasim Alrasi.

The city of Sa'dah was originally the capital of the Zaydi dynasty of Imams of Yemen. The creator of Sa'dah as the foundation of Zaydi dynasty was Imam Yahya al-Hadi ila al-Haqq I. After the Zaydi dynasty shifted their capital to Sana'a from Sa'dah, the national importance of the city declined. Though initially it was the managerial centre of the northern division of the country the value of the town gradually declined. The traditional industries in the Sa'dah city include leather goods and manufacturing of stoneware vessels meant for food preservation.

There are many mosques in the city of Sa'dah, which have become attractive tourist destinations. The architectural designs in the Sa'dah city are similar to that of Sana'a and Eastern Yemen and follow the basic pattern of Mud Bricks Style. The main attractions of Sa'dah include the Moslem graveyards, which are located close to the city's exterior wall.

Sa'dah has a unique old-world charm and has a rich cultural and traditional past, which is reflected in every nook and corner of the world.