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Ibb City Map

  Facts about Ibb  
Founded 10th century AD
Area73 miles
Lat Long Coordinates 13°58′N44°10′E
Time Zone UTC+3
Language Arabic
Major Religion Islam and Christians
Point of interestMt Jabal Ba’adan
 The Old Mosque
 Old City
 Jabal Rabi (the mountain of My Lord)
 Cliff Husn al-Habb
 tomb of Queen Arwa
 Sheikh Yakub Mosque (the mosque of Jacob)
 Queen Arwa Mosque

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Ibb is a small town in the southwestern part of Yemen, which has a population of 160,000 inhabitants as per the surveys of 2005. The town of Ibb is located close to the highway near Mukha and lies on the route of Taiz to Sana'a.

Ibb is a small scenic town which lies on the Yemeni Highlands at the edge of Mount Shamahi. The town has about 60 mosques and has many tall houses and is bordered by a thick wall. There is a small aqueduct in the town, which collects water from the close by mountains and serves the people of the town.

The town of Ibb is supposed to have been established in 1 millennium BCE according to local Arabic stories and in 20th century, it became a chair of semi-autonomous emirate. However, in the year 1944, the emirate status of Ibb was cancelled by the King. In the year 1982, the town suffered from a major earthquake.

The primary occupation of the people of Ibb is agriculture and although the region is mainly mountainous, the rich volcanic soil is helpful for plant growth. The major agricultural products include coffee, khat, millet, fruits, vegetable, barley and wheat. The Ibb town also has small handicraft industries.