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Beihan City Map

  Facts about Beihan  
Time Zone UTC+3
Language Arabic
Major Religion Islam and Christians
Founded 8BC
Lat Long Coordinates 14°48′N45°44′E
Points of interestNo

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Beihan is a wonderful city in the country of Yemen. It is situated on the latitude 14° 48' N and longitude 45° 43' 60" E. Beihan is located at approximately 3694 feet above the sea level. The time Zone of this city is UTC+3.

The cities and towns, which are very close to this Yemenis city, include Al Huzum, Bayhan al Ulya, Jaradan, Jarban, Bayhan al Wusta, Al Hawabit, Ash Shiqin, Hamd, Al Hawi and Gebarah. In the western part of Beihan Al Huzum, Bayhan al Wusta and Bayhan al `Ulya are situated, whereas, in the northern part Al Hawabit, Ash Shiqin and Hamd are located.

Beihan can be considered as an ideal base, from where most of the Yemenis attraction can be explored. There is also an airport located close to this city. This airport is primarily served by domestic flights. However, people traveling from foreign lands can also reach the city by boarding the connecting flights from the nearby international airports.

The city of Beihan is located close to the coastal region of the country. Tourists can enjoy several beach activities such as, yachting, sailing and swimming. Besides, trekking can also be enjoyed in the nearby hilly regions.