Saudi Arabia Land and People

Saudi Arabia land and people cover the maximum area of the Arabian Peninsula. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is officially known as, is spread over a land area of 829,995 square miles.

The land and people of Saudi Arabia have to bear the hot and dry climate throughout the year. Humidity level in the coastal belt is high. During winter months, nights are cool and frosts occur.

The Saudi Arabia land and people are surrounded by the Gulf of Persia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar in the east and Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan in the north. On the western side, the Middle East country shares its borders with Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba while in the south it has Oman and Yemen as its neighbors. Riyadh, the largest city, is the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The land of Saudi Arabia can be classified into the following five main regions:
  • Desert area of Rub al-Khali in the south and south east.
  • Coastal Plain at Asir
  • Eastern Province near Persian Gulf which comprises of oil fields
  • Hejaz which comprises holy cities of Mecca and Medina
  • Nejd is a central plateau
The total population of Saudi Arabia is 26,419,000. Islam is the main religion in this Middle East country and Arabic is the official language. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Saudi Arabia. Besides that, people of this region are occupied in oil fields, computer technicians, construction business, consultants, domestic workers, etc.

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Last Updated on: January 24th, 2018