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Hail Map

Hail is located in the mountainous region of Shammar, which lies on the western part of Al-Odairie valley. This valley is also known as Hail Valley. Hail in Saudi Arabia acts as a passage for Muslim pilgrims from Iraq and Syria as they come here to visit Makkah and Madinah.
Hail of Saudi Arabia stretches around the Shammar mountains in the form of a bow. The city is surrounded by Salma mount in the east and north and Umm-Al-Riqab and Aja Mounts in the west. Hail is now connected to Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and Riyadh through modern expressways.

Hail in Saudi Arabia is the headquarters and provincial capital of the Governor, local councils and branches of various departments of the government. The Arab city is also famous for its agricultural produces such as fruits, vegetables, barley and wheat.

Tourist Attractions in Hail
One can easily relax amidst the serene and exquisitely designed parks of Hail at Saudi Arabia. There are numerous parks in Hail but one must visit Mashar Park as it consists of artificial waterfall and lake. Other parks that can be visited are the ones at Ugdah, Ghar Al Majma, Al Raduf and Janeri.

One can check out the forts and palaces, which date back to Ottoman rule. Apart from these there are various museums, theaters, library and auditoriums from where one can collect lots of information on the culture and society of Arabs.