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Hafar Al Batin Map

Hafar Al Batin is located in the northeastern region of Saudi Arabia. It is situated on latitude that measures 28 degree 26 minutes 3 seconds in the north of Equator. Longitude wise,
its location is 45 degrees 57 minutes 49 second east of Prime Meridian. Hafar Al Batin of Saudi Arabia stands at a height of 1010 feet above sea level.

Hafar Al Batin at Saudi Arabia can be easily approached through airways from any part of the world. Qaisumah and King Khaled Military are the two airports that connect the Arab city to the rest of the world.

Hafar Al Batin in Saudi Arabia shares its border with King Faisal Military City in the north, Abu Qaar in the south, As Sufayri and Al Wayiliyah in the west and Al Qaysumah in the east. The city is inhabited mainly by the members of Bedouin origin and traders.

In 2003, the population of Hafar Al Batin was estimated around 190,000. The city comprises of various shops and market places. Merchants, craftsmen and traders comprise the majority of population. One of the noteworthy features of this Arab city is the house made of mud. These houses represent the ancient Islamic style of architecture.

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