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Saint Lucia Flag

by Aakash Singha

The Saint Lucia Flag was officially adopted on 22 February 1979, although it has been in use since 1 March 1967.

Saint Lucia Flag


The current Saint Lucia Flag was designed by local artist Dunstan St. Omer.

The cerulean blue color of the Saint Lucia flag stands for fidelity. The blue reflects the tropical sky and surrounding waters of Saint Lucia. The golden color stands for the prevailing sunshine on the Caribbean Island and prosperity.

The black and white colors represent the cultural influences of black and white people. The three triangles in the flag symbolize the three pitons.

The shape of the isosceles triangle is reminiscent of the famous twin Pitons at Soufriere, an emblem of the hope and aspirations of the people.

National symbol(s): twin pitons (volcanic peaks), Saint Lucia parrot
National colors: cerulean blue, gold, black, white
National anthem:
Name: “Sons and Daughters of St. Lucia”
Lyrics/Music: Charles JESSE/Leton Felix THOMAS

Fact about the Saint Lucia flag

Country Saint Lucia
Designed by Dunstan St. Omer
Adopted In use since 1st March 1967 but officially adopted on 22nd February 1979
Revision NA
Design and Colors A light blue field with a gold isosceles triangle below a white-edged black arrowhead in the center
Size Ratio 1:2

Blank Saint Lucia Flag

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