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Saint Lucia Facts

by Vishal Kumar

Find here interesting facts about Saint Lucia, including the surrounding neighbours, capital city, currency, language, population, history, economy, religion, etc.

Where is Saint Lucia located?

Part of the Lesser Antilles, Saint Lucia is an island country in the eastern Caribbean.

What is Saint Lucia’s capital?

Castries is Saint Lucia’s capital and also the largest city in the country.

Who are the neighbors of Saint Lucia?

The island country of Saint Lucia is located south of Martinique, northeast/north of St. Vincent, and northwest of Barbados.

What is the area and population of Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia’s area is 238.22 square miles and as per an estimate, the population is 185,217.

Who were the first European colonists in Saint Lucia?

The French were the first European colonizers of Saint Lucia. In the year 1814, the British took over control of Saint Lucia.

When did Saint Lucia get independence from the UK?

Saint Lucia achieved its independence on February 22, 1979.

How many Noble prizes has the country won till now?

The country has won two Nobel prizes to date, one was won by Derek Walcott for his work in Literature and the other was received by Arthur Lewis for his work in Economics.

What is the currency of Saint Lucia?

East Caribbean Dollar is Saint Lucia’s official currency.

What are the official languages of Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia’s official language is English.

Which ethnic groups are present in Saint Lucia?

As of the year 2010, five major Ethnic groups constitute the population of the country. Afro-Caribbeans which constitute around 85.3% of the total population are the most prominent ethnic group. Apart from that, the country has Indo-Caribbean, White Caribbean, and Carib, which constitute 2.2%, 0.6%, and 0.6% of the total population of Saint Lucia respectively.

Who is the Head of State of Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia is a member of the Commonwealth realm and therefore the Head of the State of the country is Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented by the Governor General. However, the Prime Minister along with his cabinet possesses executive power. There exist two chambers of Parliament – the House of Assembly and the Senate. There are seventeen seats in the House of Assembly whereas there are eleven appointed members in the Senate.

Who is Saint Lucia’s current Prime Minister?

Philip Joseph Pierre is Saint Lucia’s current Prime Minister.

How many Electoral Segments does Saint Lucia have?

There are seventeen Electoral Segments in Saint Lucia namely:

  • Canaries & Anse-la-Raye
  • Castries Central
  • Babonneau
  • Castries South East
  • Castries North
  • Castries South
  • Castries North East
  • Gros Islet
  • Dennery South
  • Choiseul
  • Dennery North
  • Micoud South
  • Micoud North
  • Vieux Fort South
  • Vieux Fort North
  • Laborie
  • Soufriere

How many Olympic medals have been won by Saint Lucia till now?

To date, the country has never won any Olympic medal.

What is Saint Lucia’s national bird?

Jacquot or more commonly known as Saint Lucia Parrot is the national bird of the country. Also, the bird is not found anywhere in the world except for Saint Lucia.

Which is Saint Lucia’s highest peak?

The highest peak in the nation is Mount Gimie, which has a height of 3,145 feet.

When was the first ever bank established in Saint Lucia?

In the year 1837, the first bank was founded in the nation.

When were the first museum and libraries established in the country?

In the year 1847, Saint Lucia’s first museum and library were established.

Which is the smallest country ever to hold the UN presidency?

Saint Lucia is the smallest country to hold the UN presidency and Julian Hunte of Saint Lucia was the person who held this prestigious post.

What is Saint Lucia’s national dish?

Saltfish and Green Banana is the national dish of Saint Lucia.

What is ‘The Pitons’?

The Pitons, situated in Saint Lucia, are splendid twin peaks (named Gros Piton and Petit Piton) in the country. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How is the Tourism industry of Saint Lucia performing?

The tourism sector is one of the most vital sectors of the Saint Lucian economy. The industry becomes substantial from January to April which is the dry season. Saint Lucia attracts tourists because of the tropical weather that it has and also because of the scenic beauty along with several resorts and beaches. A large number of tourists visit the country as a part of their cruise. Main tourist attractions in Saint Lucia include Sulphur Springs, The Pitons, Botanical Gardens, Rodney Bay, and the rain forests.

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