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Google Map of Ovar

Ovar is a town that can be found in the Portuguese district of Aveiro. The ancestors of the local residents of Ovar in Portugal are supposed to be the sailors of Phoenician origin.
Charmed by the natural beauty of the place and remarkable fishing opportunities, these sailors had settled in Ovar. The geographic coordinates of Ovar are 8°38'W and 40°52'N

Attractions in Ovar:

In Ovar, there is a parish church that belongs to the seventeenth century. The church sits on the top of a hill. The church has a pair of towers that is very beautiful. Besides, the church provides for some breath taking views that can be caught from the hill top.

Ovar has a house museum that is worth visiting. This museum has been built in the memory of a well known novelist of Portugal, Julio Dinis, who resided in Ovar during the nineteenth century.

Another interesting site in Ovar is the Calvario chapel. The best part of the chapel is its collection of sculptures. The origin of these sculptures can be traced back to the eighteenth century.

In Ovar there are some fountains that are quite old. These also deserve to be seen.

Tourists can also explore the adjoining places of Ovar. Located towards the northwestern part of Ovar is the well preserved Santa Maria Castle, one of the best in Portugal.

The traditions of Ovar, particularly its street processions and the Carnival attracts large number of tourists.

Accommodation in Ovar:
Meia Lua and Albergaria San Cristovao are two well known hotels of Ovar.

Ovar is known for the queer ways of the people inhabiting the town. For instance it is said that the women of the town can be seen walking barefoot down the roads.

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