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Google Map of Olhao

Olhao is a town located on Algarve, the southern most region of the mainland of Portugal. The town of Olhao is the second largest town of the Algarve region.
Faro is the chief town of the region, which is located only a few miles away from Olhao. Olhao town is a place that is not frequently visited by tourists. The tourism industry is not so affective in the town. The main industry of the town is based on the tune and sardine fisheries.

The town was mainly built around the local fishing industry during the 17th century. Fishing industry of Olhao is known throughout the country. The tuna and sardine canning factory, which has become Algarve’s one of the leading industries, was established in Olhao in the year 1882. On the coastal front of the town a fish marketplace is located within an elongated building.

The Olhao town has a unique architectural feature with a distinct essence of the Moors that separate it from other towns in the region. The older quarter is very well-known part of the town where all the houses have roofs with flat terraces and chimneys shaped like boxes. This fish market is a place worth visiting. It is one of the largest fish market in the region and a must visit tourist destination.

A parish church and a Nossa Senhora chapel is the main religious place is Olhao. The chapel of Nossa Senhora is a place of worship where the fishermen’s wives pray for the safe return of their husbands.

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