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Google Map of Moura

Moura is a city and municipality of Beja District of Portugal. There are 8 communes in the city that covers an area of 958 square km.
Tourist Attractions of Moura
There are numerous places of attraction in Moura. Some of the famous sightseeing places are:
  • St. Francis Church, St. Peter's Church, Mother Church, Carmo Church are some of the famous churches of Moura. The churches boasts of their brilliant architecture and historical backdrop.
  • Moorish Quarter commemorate Muslim rule before the conquest of the area by Christians. Museum Árabe stands houses the collection of ceramics and tombstones.
  • Castelo de Moura is popular site of attraction, which is a witness of Muslim rule in Portugal.
  • The Cromlech of Negrita and Castro da Azougada are famous monuments that bears the testimony of colorful past of the country.
  • Atalaia de Cabeça Magra is a famous watchtower, which was built in15th century and is a popular destination of Moura.
  • Contenda is the natural reserve, which encourages the growth of the flora and fauna.
Accommodation in Moura
There are several hotels and apartments in Moura, Portugal that are comfortable source of accommodation in the city. Some of the best accommodation options of Moura are Coal & Cattle Hotel Motel, Citywalk Motor Inn, Club Hotel and so on.

Best Season to visit Moura
Though this place could be visited at any time of the year, Spring and fall are the ideal seasons to visit Moura when the city is at its best

Moura is a historical hub of Portugal.

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