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Google Map of Estremoz

Estremoz is a legendary city in the territory of Portugal. The ancient structures of Estremoz have been witness to the historic evolution of the country.
The history of Estremoz dates back to 1258. From being a small township, the domain of Estremoz has expanded substantially over the passage of time. The fortifications all over the town remind the tourists of the Portugal's independence war.

Attractions in Estremoz
The ancient buildings of Estremoz city present the real essence of Portuguese architectural style. The old palaces and towers of Estremoz are considered among the architectural jewels of all time. The municipal museum offers a huge collection of traditional handicrafts and many other antique pieces dating back to 17th and 18th century. Dona Isabel de Aragon is another must-see destination in the city of Estremoz in Portugal. This legendary palace boasts the personal possessions of the Queen. The tower of Torre das Três Coroas is famous for its unusual architectural design. Tourists visiting Estremoz cannot afford to miss the Palácio da Touca.

Accommodation in Estremoz
Estremoz offers a number of top-class lodging options for the tourists. The hotel amenities and services at Estremoz hotels are designed to suit the requirements of both leisure and business travelers. Hotel Imperador, hotel Pousada Rainha Santa and Pateo dos Solares are some of the most preferred hotels in Estremoz.

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