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Google Map of Estoi

Estoi is a famous tourist destination of Portugal. Estoi belongs to the parish of Faro, in the Algarve.
Attractions of Estoi
Estoi is a small and rich village that boasts of a number of tourist attractions. Ruins of Milreu showcases the ruins of villa and buildings of Roman empire. The Palace of Estoi boasts of a splendid building and gardens and is an evidence of architectural brilliance of the area. The garden, small lakes and statues are the attractions of the palace. Estoi is famous worldwide because of its horse market. The parish church of Estoi was built in 16th century and is a famous place of attraction.

Accommodation at Estoi
The boarding options of Estoi like motels, hotels, lodges and apartments are located near the center of the city and boasts of a number of services and amenities they provide to the tourists. Monte do Casal Country house and Casa de Estoi are some of the best accommodation options of Estoi.

Best Time to Visit Estoi
Estoi offers a wonderful weather. The summers are hot and dry while winter is warm and pleasant . Hence the tourists can visit the place any time of the year. But to get the glorious climate, months between November and February is the best time to explore the town.

Estoi is a village, which boasts of a rich history.

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