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Google Map of Almada

Almada is a city of Portugal, which is located across the Tejo estuary in front of Lisbon. It is a municipality in Setúbal district. Though Almada is not a very big municipality, it is densely populated.
Attractions of Almada
Almada is a beautiful city of Portugal. Every year numerous tourists flocked this place. There was a suspension bridge called 25 de Abril Bridge, which was built in 1959 and connects two banks of the Tagus. Cristo Rei was built in late 1940s . The 90-foot tall statue of Jesus is set atop a 270-foot high base. The elevator ensures a spectacular view of Lisbon.

Accommodation at Almada
Numerous boarding options are available in Almada, Portugal. Accommodation options in Almada includes hotels, apartments, lodges, youth hostels and Bed and breakfast inn. The hotels are decorated in contemporary pattern and offers a wide array of amenities to the tourists. Some of the best boarding options of Almada are Residential Real Hotel.

Best Season to Visit Almada
The best season to visit this place is either the seasons of spring or fall when the weather of the place is excellent.

Almada boasts of several places of historical significances.

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