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Lesotho Weather

Lesotho weather is characterized by hot and rainy summer and cold winters. The climate is heavily dominated by its location in the Karoo basin. The altitude of Lesotho vary from 1400 meters to 3480 meters above sea level. The temperature varies with height. At a height of 3,000 meters, the weather of the country is influenced by westerly air current. Lesotho weather shows a great variation from warm sunny to biting cold days.

Summer in Lesotho stretches from the month of October to April. January and February are the hottest period in the place. Electric thunderstorms visit Lesotho during afternoon hours. The temperature varies from 30°C in the lowlands to 18°C in the mountain regions. Light cotton wear is advisable for summer season. About 85% of rainfall takes place in summer months. Lesotho witnesses sunshine for more than 300 days in a year.

The climate of Lesotho during winter becomes cold and dry. Winter in Lesotho arrives in the month of May and stays till the month of September. Snowfall takes place during the winter season especially in the highlands due to the influence of southerly polar cyclones. During this season, temperature recorded in Lesotho vary from -7°C in the lowlands to -18°C in the highlands. Heavy woollen garments are recommended during winter months.

Water proof clothes should be worn during rainfall in Lesotho. The annual precipitation records 500 mm in the Senqu River Valley to 1,200 mm in the border areas of the South African Republic. Lesotho witnesses maximum rainfall in the months of December to February. Rainfall is the lowest in June. The monthly mean total of evaporation varies from 60 mm to 70 mm between June and July, while it recorded from 175 mm to 225 mm between December and January. The monthly mean wind speed varies from 1.4m/s in October month to 8m/s in August.

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