Facts about Jordan

Where is Jordan ?
Officially called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Jordan is a country located on the east bank of the River Jordan. Almost half of Jordan is covered by the Arabian Desert.

What is the capital of Jordan ?
Amman is the capital city of the Kingdom of Jordan. Covering a total area of 648.7 square miles, Amman is the largest city of Jordan. It is one of the oldest cities in the world that has continuously been inhabited. As of 2010, the population of Amman was estimated at 2,842,629. The city serves as the political, cultural and commercial centre of the country. It is also a major tourist destination and is favorite among the Gulf tourists.

What countries border Jordan ?
Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia on the east and south-east, Iraq on the north-east, Syria on the north and the West Bank and Israel on the west.

How big is Jordan ?
Jordan is a country covering an area of 35,637 square miles. According to the 2010 census, the country has an approximate population of 6,407,085. Jordan has a superior quality of life and one of the highest standards of living in the developing world. The country has a low crime rate, highly educated population, and advanced healthcare services.

What are the ethnic groups in Jordan ?
Ninety-three percent of the population of Jordan is composed of the native people, and the remaining seven percent comprises the immigrant workers and other foreign nationals in the country. Most of the Jordanians are of the Arabic descent with Palestinians and Iraqis being the major groups. There are also sizable immigrant communities of Egyptians, Syrians and Lebanese. The non-Arab groups in the country include the Circassians, Armenians, Turkmans, Chechens, and Romanis. Since the Iraq War many Iraqi Christians have permanently settled in the country.

What are the administrative divisions of Jordan ?
The Kingdom of Jordan is divided into twelve provinces called Governorates, that are further divided into fifty-four departments.

Who are the political leaders of Jordan ?
Jordan is a constitutional monarchy wherein the executive power lies with the King. However, the country also has a democratically elected Parliament that is of equal significance and power in matters relating to national governance.
King - Abdullah II
Prime Minister - Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh

What is the official currency used in Jordan?
The dinar denoted by the ISO 4217 code JOD is the official currency of Jordan. The dinar is divided into 10 dirham, 100 qirsh or 1000 fils. The currency is issued by the Central Bank of Jordan.

What is the official language of Jordan ?
Arabic is the official language of Jordan. English is widely spoken throughout the country; it functions as the de facto language of commerce and banking, and is also used for education purposes. There are also a few speakers of Armenian and Caucasian languages such as Circassian and Chechen.

What is the religion of Jordan ?
The official and the dominant religion of Jordan is Islam. Almost ninety-two percent of the population is Muslim, primarily adhering to the Sunni branch of Islam. There are also a few Christians in the country belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. The other Christian groups include members of the Ancient Church of the East, Syriac Orthodox Church, Latin Rite Catholic Church, Syriac Catholic Church, Chaldean Catholic Church, Assyrian Church of the East, Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Maronite Church, and Anglican Communion. There is a minority group belonging to the Bahai faith.

What is the economy of Jordan like ?
Jordan has a rapidly-growing economy. In 2010, the gross domestic product (PPP) was estimated at $34.528 billion, while the per capita was $5,956. Services is the largest sector followed by industries, agriculture and tourism. The country has rich reserves potash and phosphates and these are among the main economic exports. Copper ore, gypsum, and manganese ore are also mined. Telecommunications is an important industry, accounting for 13.5% of the country's GDP. The other major industries include clothing, phosphate mining, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, and light manufacturing. Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Syria, United States, and Germany are the main trading partners.

When is the national day of Jordan celebrated ?
The national day of Jordan is celebrated on May 25. On this day in 1946, the country gained independence from Great Britain and proclaimed itself as an independent sovereign kingdom. This day is celebrated as Independence day in Jordan. The day is also celebrated to commemorate the creation of the Kingdom of Jordan and the crowning of Abdullah I of Jordan as the first King.

Last Updated on: July 13th, 2018