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Political Map of Jamaica

Political Map of Jamaica Kingston Map
Description: Jamaica Political map showing the international boundary, parishes boundaries with their capitals and national capital. Disclaimer

Jamaica is an excellent country in terms of its exotic destinations and the modern cities in Jamaica is another important factor.Jamaica political map denotes the parishes, capital of parishes and important cities of Jamaica.

There are a large number of cities in Jamaica. Some of them are Lucea, Montplier, Portmore, Mandeville and Duncans.

Jamaica covers an area of about 10,991 sq km. Kingston is the national capital of Jamaica.

Geographical position of Jamaica

Jamaica is located on the geographical coordinates of 18° 15' North and 77° 30' West latitude and longitude respectively. It is situated in the south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. The coastline measures about 1,022 km. It covers an area of 10,991 sq km. Jamaica political map shows the parishes, capital of parishes, important cities along with the national and international boundary of Jamaica.

The parishes of Jamaica along with their capital and major cities are as follows:
  • Hanover: Capital- Lucea
  • Saint James: Capital- Montego Bay, Major City- Montplier
  • Trelawny: Capital- Falmouth, Major City- Duncans and Albert Town
  • Saint Ann: Capital- Saint Ann's Bay, Major City- Brown's Town and Moneague
  • Saint Mary: Capital- Port Maria, Major City- Annotto Bay, Oracabessa
  • Portand: Capital- Port Antonio, Major City- Bluff Bay
  • Saint Thomas: Capital- Morant Bay
  • Kingston
  • Saint Catherine: Capital- Spanish Town, Major City- Portmore
  • Clarendon: Capital- May Pen, Major City- the Alley
  • Manchester: Capital- Mandeville
  • Saint Elizabeth: Capital- Black River
  • Westmoreland: Capital- Savanna-la-Mar, Major City- Bluefields and Negril

The parishes are marked with jet black on the Jamaica political map. The capital cities of the parishes are shown by a green square box on Jamaica Map. Besides these, the cities of Jamaica are symbolized with black dots.

Bays surrounding Jamaica

The bays surrounding Jamaica are:
  • Montego Bay.
  • Annotto Bay.
  • Long Bay.
  • Black River Bay.
  • Bluefields Bay.

The Jamaica channel is located on the eastern side and the Portland Bight is located on the southern side of Jamaica. The national boundary is shown on the map by red uneven lines and the international boundary is shown by black uneven lines.

Kingston, the Jamaican Capital
Kingston, the national capital of Jamaica, is located at 18° North latitude and 76° 48' West longitude. A red star denotes the capital city of Jamaica on the printable map of Jamaica. Kingston is situated at an elevation of 53 meters. This place can be accessed from the airports of Ken Jones, Tinson Pen, Boscobel and Norman Manley International.

Some of the towns and cities located near Kingston are New Kingston, Kencot, Cassia Park, Jones Town, Delacree Pen, Cockburn Gardens, Admiral Town, Whitfield Town, Camperdown and Eastwood Park.

Clarendon237,0241,196462May Pen
Portland80,205814314Port Antonio
Saint Andrew555,828431166Half Way Tree
Saint Ann166,7621,213468Saint Anns Bay
Saint Catherine482,3081,192460Spanish Town
Saint Elizabeth146,4041,212468Black River
Saint James175,127595230Montego Bay
Saint Mary111,466611236Port Maria
Saint Thomas91,604743287Morant Bay
14 parishes2,607,63210,9914,243
Note  : - Population: 2001-09-10 census.

Last Updated On : February 25, 2020