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Languages Spoken in Jamaica

Jamaica Language is a reflection of the diversity of the people of Jamaica. The wonderful blend of various races and cultures has affected the languages spoken in Jamaica.
English is the official language of Jamaica.

The most unique of the languages of Jamaica is a dialect formed by the amalgamation of words from many languages with English. It is known as Jamaican Creole or Patois. It is the most widely spoken language of Jamaica. Patois is popular because of the musical lilt and rhythm in the words of the language. It is also used in the lyrics of Reggae, the famous music of Jamaica.

The immigrants from outside Jamaica have brought with them their language as well and languages like Spanish, Irish, Scottish are also spoken. The other two significant languages of Jamaica are Taino (mixed with Spanish) and Arawak, specific to particular regions.

The Jamaican Creole having elements of English is however not easy to understand for outsiders because of the way it is spoken by the Jamaicans.

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