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Faroe Islands Flag

Flag of Faroe Islands

The ensign has been designed in a similar way like other Nordic Crosses, which is the convention established by the Flag of Denmark or Dannebrog. The flag of Faroe Islands is also known as Merkio, which refers to "the mark" or "the banner". The ensign has a number of similarities with the flags of Iceland and Norway, which are the neighbors of Denmark.

The white background symbolizes the clean sky and the froth of the waves touching the shores of the island. The red and blue bands symbolize the colors used in orthodox Faroese headband. You will also notice these colors in the Icelandic and Norwegian flags.

The Government of Faroe Islands uses the flag on all important occasions, including the Flaggdagur (Flag Day) observed on April 25 every year. The swallow-tailed variation of the flag is informally used in the islands as well.

Jens Oliver Lisberg designed the Faroe Islands flag in 1919, along with some other students when they were undergoing their studies in Copenhagen. The first occasion when the Merkio was hoisted in the territory was on June 22, 1919 in Famjin during a marriage ceremony. It informally came into existence in 1931. The British authorities who annexed the territory sanctioned the ensign to be used by ships in the Faroe Islands on April 25, 1940. April 25 is a public holiday in the country and is observed as Flaggdagur all over the nation. With the introduction of the Home Rule Act, the ensign was eventually acknowledged by the Government of Denmark as the official flag of the Faroe Islands. The original version of the ensign is put at show in the cathedral of Famjin, Suouroy. The current lighter blue shade was approved on June 5, 1959. Earlier, it used the blue color like Norway.

National symbol(s):ram

National colors: red, white, blue

National anthem:
name: "Mitt alfagra land" (My Fairest Land)
lyrics/music: Simun av SKAROI/Peter ALBERG

Fact about Faroe Islands flag

CountryFaroe Islands
Designed byJens Oliver Lisberg
AdoptedApril 25, 1940
Design and ColorsA blue-fimbriated red Nordic cross on a white field
Size Ratio5:7

Last Updated On : August 28th, 2017

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