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2006 Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee - Poster sized maps of all the participating countries of Asia were provided to the organizing committee.   ABN AMRO, Netherlands - A map in A0 size illustrating the states of USA with their respective boundaries and names were made to order for one of the largest banking institutions.   Nicholas and Piramal, India - A leading pharmaceutical company procured a map of India in A0 size showing states, districts, towns, road and rail network.
Falcon Express Cargo Airlines, UAE - Poster sized maps showing airports in Afghanistan and Middle East.   Alumina & Bauxite Centre of Excellence, Australia - This premium organization acquired a world map showing locations of Bauxite & Alumina Refineries, worldwide.   Vie Trans, India - A map in 3 x 4 ft. showing road network of India was provided to Vie Trans.
0zone Publishing, Europe - map of Europe in 5 x 7 ft. was provided to Europe's Ozone's Publishing House.   God TV - Used large 4 x 5 ft. map of South East Asia map for use in display in their Office.   JOHNRYAN, Spain - used 7 x 10 ft. map of Singapore for their marketing research.
Endemol, UK - Used large Continents of the World map for printing   SAARC, Srilanka - Use of India and neighboring country map    

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