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Information about Comoros

The tourists to Comoros are guided extensively with the Comoros information by the Comoros Embassies. The basic Comoros information about the population,
spoken and written languages, religion and currency is conveyed to the foreign tourists by the Embassies of Comoros. The tourists can also know about the requirement details of passports and visas in Comoros from the Comoros Embassies. The tourists to Comoros are supplied the visa application forms from the Comoros Embassies. They are also informed on the requirement of fees for the Comoros visas.

The visas issued in Comoros are generally valid for 2 weeks. But with the assistance of the Comoros Embassies, the validity period can be extended on certain reasons. A tourist visa can be validated for 90 days in certain cases by the Honorary Consulate in London.

An extensive overview on the culture and society of Comoros can also be got from the Comoros Embassies. The tourists can gain the knowledge on the festive seasons in Comoros from the Embassies of Comoros. Such information helps the tourists to tour Comoros in the festive season, when they can explore the true spirits of Comoros.

The Comoros Embassies also convey the information on the system of laws in Comoros. The tourists are recommended not to forget their passports or visas while traveling in Comoros.