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Azerbaijan Independence Day

Declaration of Independence
Azerbaijan celebrates its independence on 18 October. Twenty two years ago, post the adoption of Constitutional Act, the country gained its much-awaited independence after facing several challenges. And its independence was re-declared in 1991 after it got independence from the Soviet Union.

History inexorably shows that treasuring the gained independence is actually difficult than gaining it. Previously in the twentieth century, the country had got the opportunity twice to become a sovereign state. But then, what seems unfortunate is that the first chance failed immediately due to external interference, political fluctuation and internal opposition. On the other hand, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the primary secular democratic state that was founded in 1918 lasted for only twenty three months. A similar situation did emerge for the second time about seventy years later. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country did get a chance to restore the independence that it had lost before.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the residents raised the banner of being independent; thanks to the historic opportunity related with the USSR’s fall. This was marked as a brilliant triumph and that too for the second time in Azerbaijan’s history. Finally, the year 1991 brought a ray of hope for the residents. This was the time when anger, expectations, and pain of the people were at its peak. The willingness to be free was so strong among the residents that they were ready to take up every possible step to attain the same. The residents were hardened by the long rallies and had witnessed the mass killings (January 2000).

Let us now take a look at the translated version of the national anthem:
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
O Great Land, your children are heroes.
We are ready to be martyred for you.
We are ready to shed blood for you.
Three-coloured flag, flourish honourably!
Thousands of lives have been sacrificed.
Your bosom has become a battlefield.
Every devoted soldier
Has become a hero.
You are prospering.
My life is always dedicated to you.
My love for you is embedded in my heart
A thousand and one times.
To preserve everything
And to honour her flag
All the youth are willing.
Great Land! Great Land!
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

The country observes two independence days. The first is celebrated on 28 May. On this day in 1918 the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was established and as such provides for older independence celebration. Immediately after two years, the country was taken over by the Soviets. And by 1991, the increasing influence of the economic and social reform allowed the Soviet Republicans to break free and the country declared its interest in becoming again an independent nation on 30 August 1991. The New Independence Day was decided and people henceforth celebrated the same on 18 October, 1991. However, Azerbaijan was declared an official state on 26 December, 1991.

Some of the essential facts that you need to take a note of are as follows:
  • On 18 October 1991 The Azerbaijani Parliament accepted the Constitutional Act on the reinstatement of the state independence
  • Post the adoption of the Act, Azerbaijan arranged for a vote on 29 December 1991
  • The Republic of Azerbaijan announced its freedom and embarked on its survival in a great taxing historical condition. Its independence was recognized by Romania on 11 December 1991; by Turkey on 9 November 1991; by Pakistan on 13 December 1991, by Iran on 25 December 1991; by Sweden on 23 December 1991; by Russia on 10 April 1992, and by US on 23 January 1992.
  • It became a UN member on 2 March 1992
  • The principles of its independence were formed in 1991
  • In terms of economic and political view, it is one among the developed countries that we have today

Last Updated : October 18, 2014

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