10 Businesses You Didn’t Know Were Started By Women

When one refers to successful businesses started by women entrepreneurs, the first name to crop up is Oprah Winfrey and how she turned Harpo Productions along with The Oprah Winfrey Network into a multi-million dollar business. But there are several lesser known women behind some very successful business ideas and they are: Rashmi Sinha, Co-founder […]

Speeches that impacted the world

Great people have spoken great words and when history records them, they become speeches that inspire, motivate, guide and educate people in future times to come. Perhaps one of the most inspiring speeches delivered was in late 19th century that continues to inspire and motivate people all over the world even today. The speech was […]

Is Sex Still A Taboo?

While the definition and understanding of what comprises sex is broadly accepted across cultures, the form of sex and sexual expression, and its participants is what makes it a taboo in some cultures and countries. What is perfectly acceptable form of sex in one country or region, may be taboo in another part. So who […]

Russia's stake in Syria

What is Russia’s endgame in Syria?

After its futile attempt in Afghanistan in the 80s, Syria is the next major country outside its region where Russia has got involved in military conflict, ostensibly to protect Russian interests. So what is the Russian endgame here? With international prices of crude oil at record low levels, coupled with economic sanctions imposed on it […]

Top Politicians Around The World In 2015

There are several politicians who are popular in their own countries but are not very visible in international politics, while there are politicians who may be popular in international politics but may not enjoy wide support in their own countries. In either case, popularity remains a subjective interpretation and changes with time or events as […]