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Pollock’s Path, Hong Kong Pollock’s Path on the Peak in Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive neighborhood. The average price of realty here is USD 120,000 per square meter. Breathtaking views of the Victoria Harbor and plush ultra-luxurious apartments make this one of the most sought after residential locales. Originally home to the colonial British bureaucrats, Pollock’s Peak is now full of top businessmen and industrialists from Hong Kong. Actor director Stephen Chow and [...]

    Well, the world has already dubbed it as “the biggest leak in history.” For those uninitiated, I am talking about the Panama Papers leaks. About 11.5 million confidential documents of over 214,000 offshore companies and the identities of shareholders and directors have been leaked, much to the chagrin of the rich and famous. The enormity of the leak is such that it would dwarf the disclosures made by Wikileaks. Here are some interesting [...]

A saying on life is that how you spend your days on the planet is decided, to a major extent, by the place where you were born. It just so happens that some passports are always accorded more importance than others. Henley & Partners, a consulting firm based in London, has recently tried to find out more about the stronger passports and the weaker ones. The basis of quantification in this case is the amount [...]

When one refers to successful businesses started by women entrepreneurs, the first name to crop up is Oprah Winfrey and how she turned Harpo Productions along with The Oprah Winfrey Network into a multi-million dollar business. But there are several lesser known women behind some very successful business ideas and they are: Rashmi Sinha, Co-founder – SlideShare This popular presentation sharing platform was co-founded in 2006 by Rashmi Sinha along with her Chief Technology Officer [...]

Saudi King Gifts a Golden Toilet King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the monarch of Saudi Arabia, has an estimated net worth of about USD 21 billion. The oil rich country is estimated to earn some USD 1 billion each day. The king is also the most influential Muslim according to news reports. Such wealth undoubtedly calls for some extravagances. A few years ago the king’s daughter got married in one of the most opulent weddings [...]

Beijing is one of the leading cities in the world as far as launching startups is concerned. The scenario over there is changing of late with a number of entrepreneurs breaking out of the traditional mold and achieving success in their chosen fields. These organizations have inspired a lot of young people to follow their lead. At present, high-end and profitable manufacturing is the main focus of China, which seems to represent a clear shift [...]

A History of Economic Crises Argentina, Latin America’s third largest economy, has seen spells of frustrating downturns and hope of economic revival going right back to the 1930s. The periods of slump and financial crises have, however, far outdone any patches of optimism. Political instability and frequent changes at the ministry level have led to wildly divergent policies to be implemented, ultimately leading to a debt woe that has made it impossible for the nation [...]

A gentleman named Bertold Wiesner was the biological father to 600 children. This was in the 1940s. A lot has changed since then and world has grown little more conscious of its social responsibility. Wiesner, who went on to found the London Barton Clinic, could have got many more to share this responsibility had he been living in the 21st century. Nowadays, women are more vocal about their right to have a family; the fertility [...]

When India recently held a two-day hydrocarbon summit with Africa, it was unambiguously clear that New Delhi organized it with two objectives in mind: First, energy security and second, uncertainty and tension in the Middle-East and its impact on oil supply in the future. For the energy deficient country, a mix of energy sources that include oil, natural gas, coal, biomass, hydropower, nuclear and renewable energy is used to carry on economic growth. In this [...]

Chinese Economy – Trouble Brewing The early part of this decade seemed to usher in mixed signals for many major economies of the world. While Greece spelt a volatile Euro and a tumultuous European Union, the BRICS seemed all set to dominate. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa formed the BRICS bank to present a united economic organization and back home each was growing at an unprecedented rate. The star of the club was [...]

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