Money Around the World

Show Me The Money Money, by itself, has little or no value. It could be a piece of paper, a shell or a tiny piece of metal. Today, money necessarily doesn’t have a physical avatar. It’s not just a piece of electronic data, but a symbol of the leap forward in the history of human […]

Easter Eggs Around the World

The practice of decorating Easter eggs is a tradition shared by many cultures around the world, from children using vegetable dye to decorate their eggs, to professional artists creating intricate and elaborate egg designs. Though today, decorating eggs is associated with the Christian holiday of Easter, the tradition extends beyond that, even 60,000 years ago […]

Matriarchy Around the World

Matriarchies Around the world In celebration of International Women’s Day, here’s a look at the modern matriarchy, a showcase of matriarchies around the world. There are several types of matriarchal societies, including the matrifocal family, or mother-centered families. Fathers may not always play a role in the upbringing of children. There are also matrilineal societies, […]

Royal Families of the World

Royal Families Around the World

Royal Families Around the World Despite the fact that the flame of royal families is dwindling, its embers still remain in some or the other way. Monarchs of the nations across the world have varying degrees of power, with some holding absolute power, while others merely symbolic or ceremonial figureheads. From kings and queens, to […]

Wines and Vineyards Around the World

Wines and Vineyards Around the World Introduction Some of the world’s major producers of wine, include, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, and China. Though Europe and the Middle East are the traditional wine growing areas, explorers brought vines with them when colonizing the New World, leading to the creation of New World wines, which […]