ISIS War – Who is doing what?

ISIS as a militant organization came into existence in the power vacuum in Iraq once the US began its withdrawal. What started off as a fight for power in Iraq has now spread as a wider movement with an ambitious plan to establish a Caliphate in a wide region that covers several countries of the […]

The Foundation for Modern Day Technology

Curiosity and need have been triggers that have driven the human mind to explore, discover and invent. Modern day technology has evolved to touch every aspect of human life, with ICT (information, communication and technology) touching our lives more visibly and directly. Gadgets that we use today are a result of innovative use of technology […]

Deaths of Sportspersons on the Field

When one thinks of horrific deaths on the sports field the first name that comes to mind is Ayrton Senna. The legendary Formula One driver needs no introduction. Just as grand were his accomplishments on his chosen arena similarly gruesome was his death on the racing track on May 1, 1994. Even when the great […]

Countries producing most garbage

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has emerged as a serious global concern with direct impact on human health and environment. The definition of municipal solid waste differs as countries classify according to their own interpretation. As per World Bank, it includes all non-hazardous waste generated from residences, commercial businesses and institutions, along with non-hazardous industrial waste, […]

Regions seeking sovereign independent status

Separatist Movements in the world

There are several regions seeking an independent sovereign status in many parts of the world and they continue to fight for their cause politically, economically and some, militarily. In many cases, the reasons are deep rooted and go back in history and the struggle for sovereignty is borne out of a need to maintain ethnic […]

Top 10 Train Accidents in the World

Map of Major Train Accidents Bihar Rail Disaster Date – June 6, 1981 Country – India Casualties – 250 to 350 There are times when accidents turn into disasters due to inimical weather conditions. The Bihar train disaster is a perfect example. On June 6, 1981, a loaded passenger train headed to Saharsa from Mansi […]