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Trinidad and Tobago Flag

The flag currently representing Trinidad and Tobago was officially adopted in the year 1962.
Trinidad-tobago Flag

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

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The Trinidad and Tobago Flag was adopted soon after gaining independence
from Britain. The Trinidad and Tobago Flag has a red background with a black band diagonally placed across the upper left corner to the bottom right corner.
The black band in the flag has white borders. The black band in the Trinidad and Tobago National Flag represents the industrious and hard-working nature of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The white color of the borders of the black band stands for the sea surrounding the country.The red color is symbolic of the vitality of the land and also of the people.

Official Name: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Capital: Port of Spain.

Location: Island of Trinidad is situated on the Caribbean sea bout 12 km. off the north east coast of Venezuela Tobago lies 30.7 km.

Area: 5, 128 Sq. km.

Official Languages: English (Official)

National Flag: Red with a diagonal black strip edged in white.

Flag Ratio: 3:5

National Anthem: Forged from The Love of Liberty (1962)

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