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Sao Tome Principe Flag

Flag of Sao Tome Principe

The flag of Sao Tome Principe , although in pan-African colors is modeled on the flag of the Liberation Movement. The only difference is that the flag of Liberation Movement has equal horizontal stripes.
The red triangle in the Sao Tome Principe flag represents the hard-fought struggle for independence of the people. The two black stars symbolize the two main islands of the country. Green, yellow and black are pan-African colors. The central yellow stripe is 1.5 times broader than the green stripes.

Official Name: REPUBLICA Democratic de Sao Tome e Principe

Capital: Sao tom

Location: an island nation in the gulf of Guinea made up of the volcanic islands of Sao Tome Principe Pedras tinhosas and Rolas.

Area: 1001 Sq. km.

Official Languages: Portuguese

National Flag: 3 horizontal stripes of green yellow green with the yellow of double width and bearing two black stars in the hoist a red triangle over all.

National Anthem: Independencia Total Total independence (1975)

National symbol(s):palm tree

National colors: green, yellow, red, black

National anthem:
name: "Independencia total" (Total Independence)
lyrics/music: Alda Neves DA GRACA do Espirito Santo/Manuel dos Santos Barreto de Sousa e ALMEIDA

Fact about Sao Tome and Principe flag

CountrySao Tome and Principe
Designed byNA
Adopted5. November 1975
Design and ColorsA horizontal tricolour of green, yellow and green; with a red triangle based at the hoist and two black five-pointed stars in the yellow stripe
Size Ratio1:2

Last Updated On : August 29th, 2017

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